Projects to come – North Star

In 2010, goldsmith Bodil Binner entered the luxury league of jewellery companies by introducing her own signature diamond cut called ‘North Star’. The North Star has been named after the shine of more than 1.000 suns. Navigation has been done according to the double star for millennia. Shakespeare had Julius Caesar say that he was a constant as the Northern Star, and high up north – in Denmark to be exact – Bodil Binner has inspired a diamond-cutter in Switzerland to make up a new cut for her.

”Where other companies have scented candles, sunglasses or perfumes, I went back to the core of my education as a diamond grader, and sketch a new diamond cut, that I have been privileged enough to have executed”, Bodil Binner said. The North Star diamond cut has 60 facets; it is a modified brilliant-cut, and when you gaze down through the top facet of the stone, a star like that of a compass is seen. The cut is about 10 percent more expensive than a regular brilliant-cut.

2011 – Fur & Pearls

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2015 – Artemis. The jewellery box of the goddess of the hunt

2016: Bees – The age-old story of the birds & the bees