the goddess of the hunt
In Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, the forest and animals. As the daughter of Zeus, her responsibilities are also the world of women – virginity, fertility and birth. Artemis is either portrayed at the forgiving goddess, or as the unmerciful, unforgiven and unyielding avenger. Hunters were only allowed to kill the animals of the forest as sacrifices to Artemis.

Cuff links, lapel pin, brooch or hat pin; commemorate your favourite hunting companion as a pair of cuff links or celebrate your most prized trophy on a lapel pin.

Together with goldsmith Bodil Binner, you can turn your most treasured hunting memory in to a piece of jewellery. For instance: An image of your dog is engraved en miniature on the back of two pieces of curved rock crystal. The silhouettes are then hand-coloured with enamel, using the tiniest brushes – done by an artisanal painter in Germany. When fired and set, a tiny disc of mother-of-pearl finishes the motif – and the unique creations are then set in a pair of 18 karat white gold cuff links. The unique combination of engraving and painting give a three-dimensional look to the jewellery.