An iconic Christmas Star

The concept of decorative ornaments and meticulous attention to detail is not foreign to goldsmith Bodil Binner. Traditionally, a Scandinavian Christmas is filled with golden moments, and this particular kind of seasonal glamour has inspired Bodil Binner to the design of a candleholder for the Christmas tree, in the shape of a very particular star. Thanks to family relations in the UNESCO world heritage city of Christiansfeld in Denmark, Bodil Binner has become closely acquainted with the original antique Herrnhut® star, known from the city’s church, which originated more than 160 years ago.

In the beginning of the 19th century, the first iconic star – put together out of paper and cardboard – was made by a mathematics instructor at the boarding school of the Herrnhut church in Germany, as a tool to improve the students’ geometric comprehension. Ever since, most European children have tried crafting just such stars on the first Sunday of Advent: Of the 25 points, 17 points have a square base and 8 points a triangular base.

Now, Bodil Binner has transformed the Herrnhut® star into a precious golden candleholder with the precision of an experienced goldsmith, but at an attractive price point using gold-plated brass. In addition to this, she has also fashioned a pair of earrings with the Herrnhut® star.

Herrnhuter® Earrings

Den enkle buede krog lader herrnhut-stjernen® bevæge sig let og elegant, og gør smykket anvendeligt til hver og fest.