Whipping pearls

Think of it as a modern reinterpretation of the classic whip, used in the warmest climates. Now add Tahitian cultured pearls, baguette and brilliant-cut diamonds, and you are on the right way to a luxury version of it.

Some years ago, Danish goldsmith and pearl grader Bodil Binner entered the Special Prize category of the competition “Fifth Edition Tahitian Pearl Trophy”. She wanted to do something outrageous with her creation. “I had fallen in love with a pair of jewel-encrusted sandals some time prior to my participation in the competition. Those sandals inspired a want in me to do something extraordinary – because on a daily basis my production is limited to jewellery,” the goldsmith says.

Bodil Binner wanted to make a visually captivating creation, and apparently the judges appreciated her efforts, because she won first prize in the category in the national rounds and second prize in the international competition.

As Bodil Binner only works with genuine materials, even the hair had to be the real deal – in this case human hair from a blond woman. The Tahitian cultured pearls range in size from 11mm to a whopping 15,5 mm in diameter, and a total of 19.24 carat of diamonds (baguettes and brilliants) are mounted on the rhodium covered silver handle (courtesy of Vets Alphi Diamonds).