The AFTERPARTY – celebrating 65 years of Danish jewellery art and silverware

When Bodil Binner was invited to participate in the exhibition entitled The Afterparty, she chose to enter her Mademoiselle Sade whip featuring Tahiti cultured pearls and more than 19 carats of baguette- and brilliant-cut diamonds.

The exhibition, which was shown at the Royal Observatory of Copenhagen in Denmark, Rundetaarn, ran from December 1st 2018 to January 13th 2019, showcasing nearly 200 pieces of jewellery and objects in precious metals, paying homage to the country’s only (and now closed) dedicated institution for the education of goldsmiths, silversmiths and designers/craftspeople: The Goldsmith’s College, also known as the School of Arts and Crafts and Institute of Precious Metals. This much-loved institution held many names during its existence, and it matriculated nearly 350 precious metal designers during the decades of 1951 – 2016, Bodil Binner being one of them.

The array of exhibited works reflected more than half a century’s history of modern art jewellery with a diversity of craft techniques, materials, form and interpretations of jewellery categories, such as rings, brooches and necklaces, as well as a varied selection of silverware, shown side by side with the wearable objects. The exhibition’s primary objective was to illustrate what an artistic education can lead to, with the creations presented thematically according to aesthetic, shape, materials and functions.