Architectural aesthetics and precious metals
merge in a new ring design

The ring CUTS is designed by goldsmith Bodil Binner and architect Lars Vejen. The elegant design is the result of the inspired meeting of two fiercely creative souls, who decided to break free of the boundaries of their respective fields in order to fashion a beautiful synthesis of the best of both worlds.

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As an architect, Lars Vejen is used to the combination of form and function, with the inclusion of every detail in the whole. For more than two decades the same process has been the pivotal point for the luxurious jewellery collections of goldsmith Bodil Binner. From her workshop in Kronprinsessegade in Copenhagen, she creates jewellery radiant enough for even the grandest parties, without them outshining everyday life.


CUTS, the creative collaboration of Lars Vejen and Bodil Binner, conceal a discrete design statement. As the name suggests, CUTS is a sharply-edged innovative design, transforming precious metals into an architectural aesthetics, mixing slanting sections with oval forms. The result is a dynamic, organic and strong personal statement, which can be worn on equal terms by men and women – with or without a dropped diamond. As a declaration of love for him or her – the symbol of the ultimate commitment: The wedding ring.


Goldsmith and an examined diamond grader, Bodil Binner has had her own diamond cut, called The North Star, developed. The diamonds set in the CUTS ring are all of The North Star cut.

Sketches from the design process