2018: The Herrnhut® motif – celebrating a star icon

Inspired by the seasonal glamour of Scandinavian Christmases, goldsmith Bodil Binner chose the Annual Showcase of Crafts Guilds 2018 to premiere her classic candleholder for Christmas trees, in the shape of the original antique Herrnhut® star, known from the church in the UNESCO heritage city of Christiansfeld in Denmark. The stars are easily recognizable thanks to their 25 points, of which 17 have a square base and 8 a triangular base.

In addition to the precious candleholder, goldsmith Bodil Binner also fashioned three pairs of earrings with the Herrnhut® star, utilizing South Sea cultured pearls and white coral drops to accentuate the beauty of the iconic star.
• The Lucia bride with three Herrnhut® candleholders made of gold-plated brass and one earring made with long silver chains and a star on the lobe of the model
• A Lucia bridesmaid with earrings with long silver chains and South Sea cultured pearls
• A Lucia bridesmaid with earrings with white coral drops

Billeder fra Laugenes Catwalk